The death of the “old child.” She was born 8 years ago, and she’s 80 years old.

8-year-old Ukrainian girl Anna Sakydon has become the youngest death of a patient with “premature aging”, which only 160 people around the world experience.
Anna suffered from a rare genetic disease known scientifically as “Brugueria”, as she looked 80 years old, while she was only 8 years old.
According to the Ukrainian website Volin 24, the child weighed about seven kilograms, although she died of damage to many of her internal organs to her age “physiologically”.

One year for those suffering from this rare disease is equivalent to 10 years, and the bones of those infected slowly grow while the rest of the organs develop rapidly.

According to specialists, the deaths of “premature old” patients are often due to strokes and strokes, and those who have it during their lifetime scare.
According to recent research in the Netherlands, Brugueria affects one person in every 20 million, and that the number of people infected with the disease currently registered around the world is only 160.



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